Horn Studio

Welcome all lovers of live music of all genres. Take note that I don’t talk about technical designs of speakers, amplifiers, etc. Enter the studio and close the door. Pop in your favourite musical record and a life-sized scene will appear in front of you. You will hear the colour of voices and sounds, dynamics and details you might not have heard from your familiar recording before. Close your eyes and the hardware disappears and you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere present only at a live concert.Horn Studio

If you have grown tired and bored of your current apparatus and you are thinking about getting something different, do not miss the opportunity to visit this studio. It is worth it and it might end your quest for the true sound.

The Horn Studio is sound and acoustically wise equipped with technology similar to that made by the world-famous company RPG. The frequency response is compensated within 3dB from 20 kHz to 125Hz, where room modes come into effect due to the size of a particular room.

But don’t be afraid that the speakers won’t play at your home as well as in the studio. The acoustic panels in the studio only simulate the furniture, curtains and carpets which are in your room and aren’t in the studio due to the lack of space.

Each of us is different and the same is true about our hearing. So come in because you have a chance to get tickets for the front row.

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